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About Us

My name is Sarah and I am Head Horticultural Yarnologist at My Cactus Adventure. I do have and assistant but he is usually off cultivating dinosaurs and the like. We also employ a hairy hound who attempts to quality check if I were to let him but is easily distracted and usually late for work.

My Cactus Adventure started life as Emilylovesbagpuss, but I thought once we became world famous then the estates of ‎Peter Firmin‎ and ‎Oliver Postgate wouldn’t be best pleased. One day, a regular customer said “Im going to take my cactus on an adventure” and there you go – My Cactus Adventure was born.

My crochet pals have since travelled all over the world and one of them even had his own instagram account for a while. Many of them now live over the pond and in places like Germany, Belgium and even Thailand.

What was once a hobby for “Pin money” has now become a way to support my son and I ( and our menagerie) and I truly do appreciate every purchase made and put a whole lot of love into each of my creations

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