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On a more serious note – crafting the sadness away.

As we come to the end of Mental Health week, I would like to speak a little about the magical ability of crafting to ease some of the stress and sadness that modern life can bring.

It has been scientifically proven that participating in a creative activity can lower blood pressure and boost serotonin levels ( the happy hormone). This happens, even if you are finding getting to grips with the craft difficult.

I find that the repetitive rhythm of crochet or knitting is somewhat similar to meditation. I have great difficulty sitting still and doing nothing, so traditional meditation does not come easy to me, however, I can easily shut out the world when I have a hook in my hand.

Crochet has brought me out of the other side of some very dark times and is my sanctuary. Watching the fabric grow is somewhat magical and knowing that you have created something from a single strand of yarn and a hooked stick is in itself soothing to the soul.

There is also the power of community, it doesn’t matter what craft you favour, there is a community out there for it. Crafters are wonderfully supportive and help is not only limited to the technical aspects. I have made some fabulous friends in “stitch and bitch” and “make and create” groups, both in person and online.

My Cactus adventure has a fledgling facebook group, which of course you are welcome to join. It’s in its early stages, but there is always someone around to give a helping hand if needed – you can join it here –

Here is also a list of Mental health groups –

If you would like to learn to crochet – you can buy my kits here –

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Introducing ….. Neville

Neville and his rock

Neville is the quiet type. Discovered chilling under a rock around a year ago, he has become a firm favourite here in the Prickly World. Neville is a shy guy, likes to hang out in shady spots. He is somewhat of a hoarder – If you see a collection of rocks forming, you know there is a Neville around. Although he may be shy, he is an excellent listener and liked nothing more than to lend a fluffy ear.

We have some sad news though. Neville is now an endangered species. The planet that provides the very special dna string needed to grow a neville has been destroyed in a freak accident involving a leaf blower and a misplaced stick of TNT. Fortunately a small supply has been located on planet garage – but sadly, once this is exhausted, there will be no more Nevilles………

Cherish him while you can.

if you would like to visit Neville, you can do so here.