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Introducing ….. Neville

Neville and his rock

Neville is the quiet type. Discovered chilling under a rock around a year ago, he has become a firm favourite here in the Prickly World. Neville is a shy guy, likes to hang out in shady spots. He is somewhat of a hoarder – If you see a collection of rocks forming, you know there is a Neville around. Although he may be shy, he is an excellent listener and liked nothing more than to lend a fluffy ear.

We have some sad news though. Neville is now an endangered species. The planet that provides the very special dna string needed to grow a neville has been destroyed in a freak accident involving a leaf blower and a misplaced stick of TNT. Fortunately a small supply has been located on planet garage – but sadly, once this is exhausted, there will be no more Nevilles………

Cherish him while you can.

if you would like to visit Neville, you can do so here.

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