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Welcome to …….Sunny!

bright yellow crochet flower with expressive black eyes
Heres Sunny!
A seed fallen from the bird feeder, you could say she had a lucky escape. Trodden into the soil by the gardener's boot, sunny lay waiting. The rain came and the sun shone and sunny felt a warmth growing in her heart. The warmth grew until she could no longer contain it in her tiny seedcase. Slowly she reached up, pushing toward the sky. Rising up, up up until she towered above the other plants. Then, something strange happened, an odd feeling overcame her. She felt a joyous feeling that she could contain no more and her face opened up, beaming, surrounded by a halo of yellow sunshine that lit up the world around her. Sunny had finally found her true mission - to spread that feeling of joy and happiness and to make everyone around her explode with happiness. 
These days, sunny likes nothing better than to chill out on a brightly lit windowsill. Although, she is equally happy to bring light to a dark corner if the need arises. She is an avid conversationalist however and does like to chat if given the chance.

To find out more about Sunny, you can visit her here!